A possible farewell to my iPhone.

Okay, so it’s no secret that I love Google. I’ve replaced Spotlight with Quick Search Box as the default search system on my computer. I use Google Gadgets on my Dashboard rather than the default widgets that Apple developed. I have Notifier set up in my menubar. I even have a non-working version of Chrome for Mac.

Here’s something that I’ve been considering. I’m currently an iPhone user, but I’ve grown increasingly more intrigued by Android OS, particularly on the myTouch 3G. The marketing is a tad bit cheesy and over-the-top, and it makes the phone look kinda lame, but it’s actually a solid phone. While its hardware isn’t exactly a strong rival to the iPhone’s, Google’s Android OS has enough potential to take on Apple’s iPhone OS. And that’s what I’m interested in.

One of my big beefs with the iPhone is Apple’s (AT&T’s) rejection of the Google Voice app.

I love Google Voice. Its ease of use and consolidation of ideas make it a fantastic system to have. And, well, it’s free. And I like free. But using Google Voice on iPhone OS is clunky and cumbersome because it’s based on the browser. It’s not even a webapp. It’s just a mobile site.

And after reading this Tech Crunch article, I became more and more intrigued. For starters, I’ve been wanting more control over my phone’s OS. Now, I love the Apple UI, but I often feel like (particularly on the iPhone) Apple refuses to let the user customize at all.

So what does that mean for me? I don’t know. I’m still on the fence about all this. I love my iPhone. But I’m also dying to get the most out of my Google Voice account. And I’m a sucker for integration. With Google, my entire communication and organizational life is integrated. Email, voice, SMS, calendars, documents. . . you name it, my Google account has it (so you can imagine how excited I am about Wave). But given the fact that I’m currently working only part-time, it may not be in my best interest to go phone shopping right now and get smacked with AT&T’s lovely termination fee.

In the long run, I know I’ll be saving a ton of money (given T-Mobile’s much more digestible prices, coupled with my reliance on Google Voice which will save me money on minutes and texting because it’s free), but the initial investment is a bit much for someone who’s broke like me.


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