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I picked up Mass Effect 2 a couple months ago, and here’s my take: it is by far the best game I’ve ever played.

Until January, Uncharted 2 was the one near-perfect game I’d experienced. But thanks to the folks at BioWare, I’ve lost myself in a game world.

There are few games that can hook you so powerfully that you’re compelled to play them constantly. There are even fewer games that draw you into the narrative that you find yourself wanting to play them more than wanting to do anything else.

But there are almost no games that force you to think about them all the time. Mass Effect 2 is that game.

But I won’t go into an in-depth review just yet.

On a similar note, Heavy Rain just released last week. I finished the game yesterday, and boy did that ever haunt me. It’s an amazing experience that takes interactive drama to a whole new level.

So, to sum up this post, if you do nothing else, play Mass Effect 2 (if you have an Xbox 360, and if not, this game is worth the $299 you need to shell out to play it). And Heavy Rain is good too, but if you don’t have a PS3, don’t buy one just for this game. Buy one for Uncharted 2. Because that game is worth every penny of the $299 price tag.

And don’t waste your money on a Wii. It’s still not worth it.


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