The long farewell.

Addendum: Apparently I went through many of these thoughts almost three years ago. You can read them here.

Well, I think this might finally be goodbye.

In the summer of 2007 I jumped on the bandwagon that was the iPhone. No, it wasn’t the best phone out there. It had a weak camera that didn’t record video. It supported only SMS in a world where MMS was becoming nearly commonplace (and why would you put a camera on your phone and not support MMS?). It also didn’t take advantage of AT&T’s then blazingly fast 3G service.

But it was so cool.

Since then, I’ve adopted two iterations of the iPhone at their respective launches: the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4. I was a loyal iPhone user. And since I lived deep inside the Apple ecosystem, it made sense for me to be loyal to iPhone.

There was a time that my loyalty to iPhone was tested. In 2008 I began getting excited about the direction that Google was moving. I received an invite to Gmail, started using Google Calendar, and even had the opportunity to beta test the now-defunct Google Wave.

During all of that, I became intrigued with Google’s new mobile operating system: Android.

I watched with envy as feature after feature that I had been longing for on the iPhone OS (now iOS) leaped its way into Google’s mobile OS. But my hunger was satiated by my discovery of the iPhone Dev Team and their jailbreaking ways. And for a short while I was content with my jailbroken iPhone 3G.

But then there it was. Google’s first multi-touch phone. The HTC Nexus One was a sight to behold. Like the spark of rebellion against a dominant empire, the Nexus One openly defied Apple’s threats to sue anyone who dared make a multi-touch device. And I was growing more ready to join this new rebellion.

But alas, my heart was turned once again to the shiny black and silver object that resided in my pocket. On June 7, 2010, Steve Jobs announced the latest and greatest iDevice to go into my iPocket: the iPhone 4.

It was new. It was shiny. It boasted an amazing Retina display that made all other phones’ panels look like grids of incomprehensible pixel junk. And just when I was about to join the Rebel Alliance, Emperor Jobs beckoned me back. (The creepy foreshadowing of this video clip isn’t lost on me.)

The new iPhone was beautiful. FaceTime, the Retina display. . . other cool. um. stuff. Glass!

It was elegant. It was classy. It made me feel good about the iPhone again. I quickly forgot about Android.

But here I am, over a year and a half later, bored by the “same-old, same-old” found in iOS. Nothing fun in the UI. Micro-managing developers. The arrogant “we know what you want better than you do” attitude. I’m tired of it all.

While I’m certainly grateful for the iPhone’s pioneering of the smartphone world, and I thoroughly enjoyed the years that I spent with my iPhones, I daresay it’s time for me to leave.

And this time, I do believe I will follow through on my plans to leave the iPhone behind.

I mean, just look at what awaits me!

Check out this review from The Verge.


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