The new Google+

Google+ is growing in popularity. Google as as company already has gained quite a following. And unlike Internet giants like Facebook, hardware manufacturers like Apple, and software producers like Microsoft, Google is looked at in a favorable light.

And so along comes their foray into social networking. To be fair, Google+ isn’t their first attempt at developing a social network. The all-but-deceased Orkut garnered quite the international following in its day.

Just the other day Google+ users were met with a completely new interface. The “#whitespace” meme started along with it as users discovered that when their browser windows were maximized, an unusually large amount of white space appeared onscreen.

The new look cleans up the page, putting customizable buttons along the left, and devoting a lot more attention to media presentation. Chat has also moved over to the right, a move that’s reminiscent of Facebook’s chat client.

There’s also a much heavier emphasis on Hangouts. Google seems to really be pushing the concept of video-conferencing for the purpose of social interaction as Hangouts has taken a rather prominent place in the new layout.

As with the myriad changes to Facebook, there are many who like the change and many who don’t. But as with any kind of change, the ones who don’t like it are the ones who tend to be the loudest. Complaints about the new look for Google+ have hit the Internet by storm.

What do you think? Do you like the new look for Google+ or do you want the old one back?


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