Online streaming isn’t as big as we thought.

According to Fast Company, the numbers that online streaming services have been tacking onto their content are vastly inflated. Amazon boasts 17,000 movies and TV shows as part of their Amazon Prime online streaming service. They only telling part of the truth.

Amazon actually has about 17,000 different episodes of TV shows and movies. In other words, they’re counting each individual episode. For instance, Deep Space Nine consists of 176 episodes across 7 seasons. Amazon counts the 176 episodes as part of their total number of movies and TV shows.

In reality, Amazon has about 1,745 movies and only 150 unique TV shows.

But they’re not alone. Netflix is also inflating their numbers. Their 60,000 “Watch Instantly” selections actually boil down to about 13,000 titles—9,500 movies and 3,500 television series.

That explains why we can’t seem to find anything new to watch in these supposed “massive” libraries of movies and TV shows.


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