The Samsung Galaxy SIII is coming.

According to a report from Crave UK, the highly anticipated Galaxy S3 by Samsung might not be the big deal we were all hoping for.

Samsung seems to be following in Apple’s footsteps with this one. According to the report, the phone probably won’t even be called the Galaxy S3. Much like Apple’s iPhone 4S with respect to the iPhone 4, the upcoming Samsung device (currently codenamed “Bali”) may turn out to be a minor upgrade to the Galaxy S2.

This report seems incongruous with what some others are reporting, but it’s just as feasible as the other rumors out there.

If this report turns out to be true, it could turn the tide in HTC’s favor for the tech year 2012. The One X seems poised to be the smartphone to beat this year, but we’re still less than halfway through. After the new Samsung device, Google will likely unveil a new Nexus phone, and Apple will introduce the next iteration of the iPhone, which will undoubtedly attract the largest number of consumers.

It seems we’ll have to wait until May 3 to find out who will be crowned the Android King for the first half of 2012.


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