Observations and stories.

It’s cold today, and I’m sitting outside.

My hands are cracked as I type, and my single-origin coffee from Blue Bottle is quickly losing heat in the lightly flurrying and biting Brooklyn air.

Four people are sitting at the counter inside Blue Bottle. An animated conversation between a scruffy, professor-like man and a smiling blonde holding a Nikon DSLR. An Asian girl sipping her cappuccino as an Asian guy with Rob-Bell glasses types away on his brand new iPhone. A tall, slender, redhead with a pretty face walks out with her beverage.

A beautiful white dog waits for her owner while he waits in line for his coffee.

The flurries have stopped now, and the sun is peeking through the clouds, but the air keeps getting colder. The dog is looking longingly at me as I sip my now-chilled single-origin.

I sometimes wonder what kinds of stories are behind each person. Where did everyone come from? What brought us all here?

I met a family last night at the Ugly Duckling who were from Montréal, visiting Brooklyn thanks to a cousin who has a place here. It was an opportunity to practice speaking some French again, but I wish I’d taken the time to hear their stories.

We all have stories. Every person packed into Blue Bottle has a story. The French Canadian family getting drinks last night at the Ugly Duckling have stories.

Stories are a common thread for everyone on earth. We all have them, we all read them, we all take part in them.

I’m going to write more about stories, but before I start those posts, I’d like us to start doing something as we step into 2015. Let’s get better at three things.

  1. Telling our stories to each other.
  2. Listening to each other’s stories.
  3. Weaving our individual stories together to make one bigger story.

If we can commit to these three things, 2015 will be an incredible year.


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