A different approach to Batman: The Animated Series.


One of the best things about Batman: The Animated Series is the show’s “mini-movie” format wherein each episode works as its own full, three-act play. It’s naturally episodic, so it’s easy to sit down and watch a handful of episodes in any order.

But what if the show had a more serialized progression? That’s the question fellow geek Kevin Rusley set out to answer with his Batman: The Animated Series viewing order project.

I’ve decided to take a look at the series in a similar way, going in this order (minus any pieces from episodes or movies that he takes out of their contexts and places them elsewhere, in order to create a more “accessible” viewing experience).

The viewing order ignores production and airing order, and instead attempts to create an escalating story arc over the course of the series. It’s not perfect by any means, but it does a pretty good job of building the story of Batman, his villains, and his teammates.

So, without further ado, here’s the Batman: The Animated Series progressive story viewing order. (The Season/Episode numbers [xx.xx] refer to DVD grouping order, not necessarily airing or production order.)

Chapter 1.1: Streets of Gotham
01.07 P.O.V.
02.03 The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
01.06 The Underdwellers
01.12 It’s Never Too Late
01.26 Appointment in Crime Alley

Chapter 1.2: Gotham’s Roguesthe-cat-and-the-claw-pt-1-batman-the-animated-series-16815880-540-405
03.08 Read My Lips
01.03 Nothing to Fear
01.15 The Cat and the Claw, Pt. I
01.16 The Cat and the Claw, Pt. II
01.13 I’ve Got Batman in My Basement
01.04 The Last Laugh
02.07 Night of the Ninja
01.01 On Leather Wings
01.05 Pretty Poison

Chapter 2: Gotham Growing Stranger
01.18 Beware the Gray Ghost
01.22 The Joker’s Favor
01.19 Prophecy of Doom
01.08 The Forgotten
01.10 Two-Face, Pt. I
01.09 Be a Clown
02.08 Cat Scratch Fever
02.06 The Laughing Fish
01.23 Vendetta
01.17 See No Evil
02.15 Moon of the Wolf
01.11 Two-Face, Pt. II
03.03 Blind as a Bat
02.26 Zatanna
02.12 If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?
01.02 Christmas with the Joker
02.16 Day of the Samurai
02.23 The Man Who Killed Batman
02.09 The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne
01.25 The Clock King
02.28 Harley and Ivy

Feature: Mask of the PhantasmDummies51

Chapter 3: Gotham’s Darkest
01.24 Fear of Victory
01.14 Heart of Ice
01.20 Feat of Clay, Pt. I
01.21 Feat of Clay, Pt. II
01.27 Mad as a Hatter
01.28 Dreams in Darkness
02.13 The Joker’s Wild
02.01 Eternal Youth
02.14 Tyger, Tyger
02.04 Robin’s Reckoning, Pt. I
02.05 Robin’s Reckoning, Pt. II
02.02 Perchance to Dream
02.18 Almost Got ‘Im
02.10 Heart of Steel, Pt. I
02.11 Heart of Steel, Pt. II
02.17 Terror in the Sky
02.19 Birds of a Feather
02.20 What is Reality?
03.07 Fire from Olympus
02.21 I Am the Night
02.22 Off Balance
02.25 Paging the Crime Doctor
03.12 The Trial
03.04 The Demon’s Quest, Pt. I
03.05 The Demon’s Quest, Pt. II

Chapter 3: Gotham’s Finesthqdefault
03.01 Shadow of the Bat, Pt. I
03.02 Shadow of the Bat, Pt. II
03.06 His Silicon Soul
03.16 Harlequinade
02.24 Mudslide
03.19 Bane
03.09 The Worry Men
03.10 Sideshow
03.11 A Bullet for Bullock
03.13 Avatar
03.14 House & Garden
03.15 The Terrible Trio
03.17 Time Out of Joint
03.20 Baby-Doll
03.21 The Lion and the Unicorn
03.22 Showdown
03.18 Catwalk
03.23 Riddler’s Reform
03.24 Second Chance
03.25 Harley’s Holiday
03.26 Lock-Up
03.27 Make ‘Em Laugh
02.27 The Mechanic
03.28 Deep Freeze
03.29 Batgirl Returns

Feature: Sub Zero

Chapter 4: The New Batman Adventures, Pt. 1
04.02 Sins of the Father
04.03 Cold Comfort
04.06 Never Fear
04.05 You Scratch My Back
04.04 Double Talk
04.07 Joker’s Millions
04.08 Growing Pains
04.13 Mean Seasons
04.18 The Demon Within
04.12 Over the Edge
04.10 Torch Song
04.09 Love Is a Croc
04.01 Holiday Knights

Chapter 5: The New Batman Adventures, Pt. 2691
Superman 02.16 World’s Finest, Pt. I
Superman 02.17 World’s Finest, Pt. II
04.11 The Ultimate Thrill
04.14 Critters
04.15 Cult of the Cat
04.16 Animal Act
04.17 Old Wounds
04.19 Legends of the Dark Knight
04.20 Girls’ Night Out
04.22 Chemistry
04.24 Judgment Day
04.23 Beware the Creeper
04.21 Mad Love

Feature: Mystery of the Batwoman


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