batmanFew characters are more iconic than the Batman. He is simultaneously mysterious and relatable. He has gone through nearly eighty years of evolution, but so much of his core traits and history remain the same. On this page you’ll find posts related to the Batman in various media, whether in film, television, books, or video games. I hope you enjoy!

Blog Series: Batman on Film (1989-1997)
Blog Series: Batman on Film (2005-2012)

2017.05.02 – The Dark Knight (2008): How About a Magic Trick?
2017.04.30 – Batman Begins (2005): More than Just a Man.

2015.08.19 – Batman & Robin (1997): Figures and Vehicles Sold Separately. Batteries Not Included.
2015.08.17 – Batman Forever (1995): A Splash of Color.
2015.08.11 – Batman Returns (1992): The Burton Before ‘Nightmare’.
2015.08.10 – Batman (1989): A Dark Knight Emerges.
2015.07.27 – The Batmobile’s On-Screen History
2015.07.16 – A different approach to Batman: The Animated Series
2014.12.29 – Arrow and the Uneasy DC Onscreen Universe
2012.07.20 – My Review of The Dark Knight Rises


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